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Index of Songs listed in Appendix 1:
'Music, Sweet Music: The Discography'
Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy
by Harry Shapiro & Caesar Glebbeek

(Prefix letter of reference number: I = interview, L = live concert recording, P = private or home recording, S = studio recording.)

Ref.No.  Comment
-------  ---------------------------------------
001-264  Experience releases
265-308  Miscellaneous releases
309-472  Jimi Hendrix as guest and/or producer
         309-330  Lonnie Youngblood
         331-343  The Isley Brothers
         344-348  Little Richard & The Upsetters
         349-350  Rosa Lee Brooks
         351-353  King Curtis
         354      Jayne Mansfield
         355-454  Curtis Knight & The Squires
         455-456  McGough & McGear
         457      Fat Mattress
         458      Robert Wyatt
         459-467  Eire Apparent
         468      Timothy Leary
         469-470  Lightnin' Rod
         471      Stephen Stills
         472      Love
473-852  Bootlegs

Title                              JHEG Reference Numbers
---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To  S044,S247,S685,P731,P743
3rd Stone From The Sun             S015
51st Anniversary                   S004
Ain't No Telling                   S025
Ain't That Peculiar?               L410
Ain't Too Proud To Beg             S485
All Along The Watchtower           S034,L105,S138,L188,L663,L703,S816
...And The Gods Made Love          S035
Angel                              S089,P255
Are You Experienced?               S017,L180,L565,L571,L711,L805
Are You Experienced?/Stone Free    L605
Astro Man                          S088,S252,S721,S774
Astro Man/Valleys Of Neptune       P733
Auld Lang Syne                     S294
Ballad Of Jimi I                   S362
Ballad Of Jimi II                  S389
Ballad Of Jimi III                 S398
Ballad Of Jimi IV                  S401
Bass And Drum Jam                  L827
Beginning                          S134,S169,S738
Belly Button Window                S091,S747
Blast Off                          S353
Bleeding Heart                     L094,S127,L183,S226,L274,L840
Bleeding Heart I                   L433
Bleeding Heart II                  L442
Blue Suede Shoes                   L121,S148,S166,S779,S825
Bo Diddley                         L405
Bold As Love                       S033,S817
Bright Lights, Big City I          L412
Bright Lights, Big City II         L430
Burning Desire                     S151,L842
(The) Burning Of The Midnight Lamp S019,S217,S237,L509
California Night I                 L409
California Night II                L447
California Night III               L448
Calling All Devil's Children       S757,S815
Can I Whisper In Your Ear          S263
Can You Please Crawl Out Your      S481
Can You See Me?                    S010,S018,L078
Captive In The Sun                 S466
Castles Made Of Sand               S029
Catastrophe                        S130
Catfish Blues                      S207,L516,L536,L542
Changes                            L054
Cherokee Mist                      P222,S244,L710,P732
Cherokee Mist/In From The Storm/   S749
  Valleys Of Neptune
(The) Clown                        S461
Come On (Part 1)                   S041,S250,L712
Coming Down Hard On Me Baby        S147,S157
Country Blues                      S722
Crash Landing                      S156,S717,S820
Crosstown Traffic                  S037
Dance                              S267
Dancin' All Around The World       S347
Day Tripper                        S203,L444
Day Tripper I                      S374
Day Tripper II                     S387
Dolly Dagger                       L110,S111,L687,S714
Don't Accuse Me I                  S367
Don't Accuse Me II                 S402
Doriella Du Fontaine               S469,S470
Dream                              S266
Drifter's Escape                   S150,S243
Drifting                           S083,S258,S745,S746
Drivin' South                      S206,S218,S229,L406,S478,S482,L547,S835
Drone Blues                        S175,S781
Earth Blues                        S112,P292,S767,L841
Easy Blues                         S174,S848
Electric Lady Land                 S153,S819
(The) Everlasting First            S472
Everything's Gonna Be Alright      L551
Ex Art Student                     S456
EXP                                S021
Ezy Ryder                          L063,S084,L632,L664,L677,L694,S759,S776
Fire                               S014,L098,L176,L191,S211,L488,L500,L508,L531,
Flashing I                         S361
Flashing II                        S369
Flying (Here I Go)                 P284
Fool For You Baby                  S373
Fox                                S323
Foxy Lady                          S007,L059,L074,L102,L109,L186,L198,S216,L304,
Freedom                            S082,L104,L641,L689,S748,S799
(Room Full Of Mirrors/Hey Baby     L634
  (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
  /Instrumental Solo/)Freedom
Further Up On The Road             S720
Future Trip                        S364
Get Out Of My Life Woman           L414
Get That Feeling I                 S377
Get That Feeling II                S393
Get That Feeling III               S449
Getting My Heart Back Together     L058,L072,L117,S144,S164,L185,S209,S219,L581,
  Again                            L596,L608,L614,L630,L650,L658,L671,L680,P735,
Gloomy Monday I                    S372,S683
Gloomy Monday II                   S397,S684
Gloria                             S170
God Save The Queen                 L123,S262,S812
Go Go Place                        S310,S330
Go Go Shoes                        S309,S324,S329
Goodbye, Bessie Mae                S312,S316
Gotta Have A New Dress             S365
Groove Maker                       S322
Gypsy Boy (New Rising Sun)         S165
Gypsy Eyes                         S042,P737,P742,P744,S783
Gypsy Woman                        L622
Hang On Sloopy                     L403
Happy Birthday I                   S371
Happy Birthday II                  S394
Have You Ever Been Disappointed?   S336
Have You Ever Been Disappointed?   S338
  Part 1 & Part 2
Have You Ever Been (To Electric    S036
Hear My Train A Comin'             see 'Getting My Heart Back Together Again'
Help Me - Part I                   S351
Help Me - Part II                  S352
Hey Baby (The Land Of The New      L065,S118,L655,L669,L673,L693,L705
  Rising Sun)
(Room Full Of Mirrors/)Hey Baby    L634
  (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
  (/Instrumental Solo/Freedom)
Hey Joe                            S001,L064,L077,L199,S215,L476,L489,L496,L504,
(Stone Free/)Hey Joe               L690
Highway Chile                      S006
Hold (On To) What You've Got       L438
Hornet's Nest I                    S357
Hornet's Nest II                   S366
Hornet's Nest III                  S396
Hound Dog                          S210
Hound Dog I                        L593
Hound Dog II                       L594
House Burning Down                 S047,S270
How Can I Live?                    S457
How Would You Feel                 S355
Hush Now I                         S360
Hush Now II                        S368
Hush Now III                       S378
Hush Now IV                        S384
Hush Now V                         S390
Hush Now VI                        S454
I Don't Know What You've Got But   S348
  It's Got Me
I Don't Know What You've Got But   S344,S346
  It's Got Me, Part I
I Don't Know What You've Got But   S345
  It's Got Me, Part II
I Don't Live Today                 S012,L177,L221,L494,L505,L569,L576,L580,L598
I Don't Live Today/Star Spangled   L589
If Six Was Nine                    S027
I'll Be Doggone                    L415
I'm A Man                          L230
I'm A Man I                        L407
I'm A Man II                       L452
I'm Gonna Leave This Town/         L273
  Everything's Gonna Be Alright
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man       S152,S212
In From The Storm                  S090,L106,L670
(Cherokee Mist/)In From The Storm  S749
  (/Valleys Of Neptune)
Instrumental                       S234,S235,L493,S847
Instrumental 1                     P279
Instrumental 2                     P280
Instrumental 3                     P282
Instrumental 4                     P283
Instrumental 5                     P285
Instrumental 6                     P288
Instrumental 7/Gypsy Boy (New      P289
  Rising Sun)
Instrumental 8                     P290
Instrumental 9                     P291
Instrumental 10                    P715
Instrumental improvisation         S766
Instrumental Jam                   P752,S778,S780
Instrumental Jam I                 L554
Instrumental Jam II                L555
Instrumental Solo                  L069,P281,L625,L681,L688
Instrumental Solo Jam              P716
(Room Full Of Mirrors/Hey Baby     L634
  (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
  /)Instrumental Solo(/Freedom)
Interview with Jimi                I140,I142,I143,I145,I220,I223,I225,I227,I238,
Interview with Jimi and Noel       I527
Interview with Noel (with Jimi     I269
  gigling in the background)
It's Too Bad                       S772
Izabella                           S051,L071,S135,L621,S727
Izabella I, II, III, IV            S788
Izabella/Machine Gun               S167,S719,L793
Jam 292                            S149
Jam Back At The House              L070,L620
Jam Back At The House/Straight     L679
Jazz Jimi Jam                      S818
Jimi/Jimmy Jam                     S172,S789
Johnny B. Goode                    L119
Jungle                             S758
Jungle Jam                         S814
Just A Little Bit                  L436
Key To The Highway                 P287
Killin' Floor                      L073,L196,S204,L486,L541,L559,L699
Killin' Floor I                    L408
Killin' Floor II                   L439
Knock Yourself Out I               S358
Knock Yourself Out II              S370
Land Of A Thousand Dances          L418
(The) Last Girl                    S333,S342
Last Night I                       S413
Last Night II                      S450
Let Me Stay                        S467
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go I     L421
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go II    L426
Let The Good Times Roll            L392
Like A Rolling Stone               L075,L231,L611,L810,L821
(The) Little Drummer Boy/Silent    S293,S756
Little Miss Lover                  S032,S265,S479
Little Miss Strange                S039,S686,S739
Little One                         L232
Little Wing                        S026,L096,L125,L181,L549,L556,L577
Live And Let Live                  S468
Long Hot Summer Night              S040
Long Hot Summer Night I            P729
Long Hot Summer Night II           P730
Looking For A Love                 S334,S343
Look Over Yonder                   S116
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And   S723
Love Love I                        S376
Love Love II                       S382
Love Love III                      S391
Love Love IV                       S395
Love Or Confusion                  S011,S205
Lover Man                          L066,L103,L120,L566,L618,L629,L646,L662,L708,
Lover Man I & II                   L584
Machine Gun                        L053,L139,L190,L253,L633,L640,L698,L839
(Izabella/)Machine Gun             S167,S719
Magic Carpet                       S465
Manic Depression                   S008,L192
Mannish Boy                        S846
Mastermind                         L617
May This Be Love                   S013
Mercy Mercy                        L434
Message From Nine To The Universe  S171,S773,S790
Message To Love                    L056,L107,S154,L631,L642,L651,L661,L706,S724,
Midnight                           S132
Midnight Lightnin'                 L101,L108,S163,L674,L691,S718,S763,S765,S834
(Voodoo Chile (slight return)/)    L637
  Midnight Lightnin'
M.L.K.                             S161,S777
Monday Morning Blues               P286
Money                              L420,P734
Moon, Turn The Tides...Gently      S045
  Gently Away
Morning Glory                      S464
Mother Earth                       L483
Move Over And Let Me Dance         S335
Move Over And Let Me Dance, Part 1 S337
Move Over And Let Me Dance, Part 2 S341
Mr Bad Luck                        S236
Mr Guy Fawkes                      S462
Mr Pitiful                         L445
My Diary                           S349
My Friend                          S086
Night Bird Flying                  S085,S264
No Business I                      S363
No Business II                     S388
No Such Animal Part 1              S399
No Such Animal Part 2              S400
Odd Ball I                         S375
Odd Ball II                        S386
Old Times Good Times               S471
Once I Had A Woman                 S168,S775
One Rainy Wish                     S031,S240
Outside Woman Blues/The Sunshine   L276
  Of Your Love
Pali Gap                           S113
Pass It On                         L707
Peace In Mississippi               S158,S755,S769
Peter Gunn                         S129
Power Of Soul                      L055,L837
Purple Haze                        S003,L068,L080,L099,L141,L200,S213,L473,L501,
Radio One                          S202,S480
Rainy Day, Dream Away              S043,S249
Rainy Day Shuffle                  S256
Red House                          S009,S049,L126,L146,L178,L187,L195,L233,L272,
Remember                           S016
Rock Me, Baby                      L076,L523
Rock 'N' Roll Band                 S459
Room Full Of Mirrors               L093,S114,S254,L649,L702
Room Full Of Mirrors/Hey Baby (The L634
  Land Of The New Rising Sun)
  /Instrumental Solo/Freedom
Room Full Of Mirrors Jam           P751
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction      L416
Send My Love To Linda              S259,S260
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts    L124,L503,L533,L796,S836
  Club Band
Seven Dollars In My Pocket         S813
She's So Fine                      S030
Simon Says I                       S380
Simon Says II                      S381
Slow Walking Talk                  S458
Smashing Of Amps                   L095
Someone Is Sure To (Want You)      S463
Something You've Got               L435
Somewhere                          S155,S768
So Much                            S455
Soul Food (That's What I Like)     S311,S317
South Saturn Delta                 S261,S740
Spanish Castle Magic               S023,L194,S214,L308,L487,L495,L539,L561,L582,
Spanish Castle Magic (Tune-Up      L545
Stand By Me                        L437
Star Spangled Banner               L067,S115,L189,S224,L305,L306,L307,L502,L578,
(I Don't Live Today/)Star Spangled L589
(The) Stars That Play With         S020,S271
  Laughing Sam's Dice
Stepping Stone                     S050,S131,P278
Still Raining, Still Dreaming      S046
Stone Free                         S002,L062,S160,L179,S201,L511,L530,L604,L654,
Stone Free/Hey Joe                 L690
(Are You Experienced?/)Stone Free  L605
Stop                               L060,L713
Stormy Monday                      L552
Straight Ahead                     S087
(Jam Back At The House/)Straight   L679
Strange Things I                   S385
Strange Things II                  S453
Strato Strut                       S791
Suey                               S354
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (I Can't    L417
  Help Myself) I
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (I Can't    L443
  Help Myself) II
(The) Sunshine Of Your Love        L092,L193,L477,L492,L498,L590,L603,L606
(Outside Woman Blues/The) Sunshine L276
  Of Your Love
Sweet Little Angel I               L423
Sweet Little Angel II              L427
Sweet Little Angel III             L431
Sweet Thang                        S321
Tax Free                           S128,L197,L564,L586,L597,L811
Testify Part 1                     S228,S339
Testify Part 2                     S340
Testify (Part I)                   S331
Testify (Part II)                  S332
There Is Something On Your Mind    L425
(The) Things I Used To Do          S242,S761
Three Little Bears                 S133,S136,L553,P741,S782
Tobacco Road                       L484
Tomorrow Never Knows               L275,L277
Trashman                           S162
Trying To Be                       L800
Tune-Up Song (Spanish Castle       L545
Twist & Shout                      L404
U.F.O. I                           S383
U.F.O. II                          S446
Under The Table I                  S318
Under The Table II                 S319
Under The Table III                S320
Under The Table IV                 S326
Under The Table V                  S328
Untitled acoustic jam              P750
Untitled guitar improvisation      S764
Untitled Instrumental              S754
Untitled Rock & Roll Jam           S726
Up From The Skies                  S022
Utee                               S350
Valleys Of Neptune                 S257,S770
(Astro Man/)Valleys Of Neptune     P733
(Cherokee Mist/In From The Storm/) S749
  Valleys Of Neptune
Voodoo Chile                       S038,P245,S248,S728,P736
Voodoo Chile (slight return)       S048,L061,L097,L122,L182,S246,L475,L490,L497,
Voodoo Chile (slight return)/      L637
  Midnight Lightnin'
Wait Until Tomorrow                S024,S208
Walkin' The Dog I                  L424
Walkin' The Dog II                 L429
Waterfall                          S137
We Gotta Live Together             L057
Welcome Home I                     S356
Welcome Home II                    S379
What'd I Say I                     L411
What'd I Say II                    L441
Who Knows?                         L052,S784,S785
Wild Thing                         L081,L100,L184,L474,L520,L526,L540
Wipe The Sweat I                   S313
Wipe The Sweat II                  S314
Wipe The Sweat III                 S315
Wipe The Sweat IV                  S325
Wipe The Sweat V                   S327
(The) Wind Cries Mary              S005,L079,L506,L514,L522,L537,L546
With The Power                     S159,S798
Wooly Bully                        L432
World Traveler                     S771
Yes I Need Someone                 S460
'You Can't Use My Name'            S682
You Don't Want Me                  S359
You Got Me Running I               L419
You Got Me Running II              L440
You Got What It Takes I            L422
You Got What It Takes II           L428
You Got What It Takes III          L451
Young/Hendrix                      S173
You've Got Me Floating             S028