The Approach

How to study the effects of pulsed magnetic treatment requires a decision about what to measure. The state of understanding of the effects of magnetic treatment on manufactured parts and tribological processes is such that demonstrations of the existence of effects as well as explanations of any fundamental processes leading to them is required. This work was focused on the former aspect, that is, determining the extent of effects of magnetic treatment, not on examining micro-structural processes.

From a macro-point of view the choice of quantities to measure rests on two observations based in initial work in this area. One is that the observed effects of magnetic treatment are probably small. The other is that when measuring small effects replicate tests are needed. Expected small effects imply the need for sensitive, controllable tests. The need for multiple measurements leads to the desirability of using simple, easy-to-run measurements.

Micro-hardness measurement was chosen to characterize the effects of pulsed magnetic since material hardness is directly related to micro-structural characteristics and this type of test is easy to do and interpret.

In overview, the experimental work entailed