Smart Seals Initiative

Barney E. Klamecki
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota

Smart Materials to Counteract Leak Producing Processes

This work is based on the observation that it is now possible to design and manufacture materials with structure, and hence properties, controlled at the micro-structural level. Further, if material properties and behavior can be changed in desired ways in response to changing operating conditions then adaptive or active or smart material behavior can be implemented. The goal of this research is to design and demonstrate O-ring materials that react in-use in such a way as to counteract the leak-producing processes that arise over time of use.

The definition of smart material used here is different than the more usual use of the term. What is often referred to as a smart material is really a smart system composed of both sensing and actuation components. In this smart seals work there is no explicit sensing component. The seal materials are being designed to react to environmental effects, but without use of a separately identifiable sensor.


to descriptions of specific concepts, research activities and results is limited to the contributors supporting this work - members of the Natioanl Fluid Power Association Cooperative Network for Research.

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