Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

E. Paul Degarmo, J T. Black, Ronald A. Kohser

Chapter 13 Fundamentals of Casting - Solidification Time in Casting

The problem is, for
- for a cylindrical part of diameter d and height h the solidification time is tc,
- a square section prismatic part has edge length a and height b and the same cross section area as the cylindrical part,
what is the prismatic part height b that will result in the same solidification times for both parts?
Specifically, plot b as a function of d and as a function of h for equal cooling times of the cylinder and block.

The parts are close enough in size and the molds are similar enough that the constants B and n in the Chvorinov model of solidification time are the same for the casting processes for both parts.

An Experimental Procedure:
The prismatic part height can be varied using the slider and the resulting cooling time, tb, is plotted against the prismatic part height, b.

Start by clicking Reset to get values for cylinder diameter and height.
Determine the block height to give the same solidification time as for the cylinder.
Subsequent clicking of Reset will give new problem values.

An explanation of the results is provided

HERE - Explanation

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