Materials and Processes in Manufacturing

E. Paul Degarmo, J T. Black, Ronald A. Kohser

Chapter 20 Fabrication of Plastics

Clamping Force for an Injection Molding Machine

The task is to develop a formula for the clamping force needed to hold the two halves of a mold together. To aid in this effort the cross sections of two different molds are shown in the sketch. In case 1 a circular cross section disk is being produced, e.g., a checker. In case 2 a spherical part is being produced, e.g., a plastic marble or ball. In each case the melt in the mold cavity is under a pressure of p = 30 MPa and the clamping force is represented by F.

The part or mold cavity diameter can be varied using the sliders. The part volume and clamping force are shown to help in formulating a concept of how to calculate clamping force and to provide results for checking the calculation procedure developed. Start by clicking Reset.

An explanation of the action of the melt in the mold cavity and the calculation of the resulting clamping force is provided

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