Merchant Model of Chip Formation

An Exercise

The detailed development of a model relating deformation in the shear zone as described by the shear angle to tool rake angle and tool-chip coefficient of friction is presented below. Before moving on to the detailed development, this exercise is provided to review
- the concept of a process model,
- process parameters,
- process output and model dependent variables,
- process input and model independent variables.

Task: Click the "Reset" button and run the simulation of the 2-dimensional chip formation process. By varying values of the tool rake angle and tool-chip coefficient of friction and observing the effects
- describe the effect of rake angle on shear angle,
- describe the effect of friction coefficient on shear angle,
- deduce the form of the process model relating shear angle and coefficient of friction to shear angle.

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A solution procedure and some example results are presented
HERE - Form of Shear Angle Model

The development of the Merchant Model of Chip Formation is
HERE - Shear Angle Model Development
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