Interpretation of Wear Model Equation

Tool life is shown as a function of cutting speed on the left plot. The tool life equation V Tn = C is shown on a log-log plot on the right. The plots can be used to assess the effects of n and C on tool life.

To show the tool life model graphically:
Click "Reset" to initialize,
Set values for n and C,
Click "Start/Stop."
Different cases can be compared by changing n and/or C and "Start/Stop"
"Reset" will give a new display

Task: Determine the effects of the tool life model constants on predicted tool life for a specific cutting speed.
To do this,
a) plot tool life as a function of C for various values of n.
For example, let V = 100 m/min, set n = .25, determine T for C = 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500. Repeat for n = .32 and n = .39.

b) similarly, plot tool life as a function of n for various values of C.

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