Fluid Mechanics Lab

Information for 2020-2021 academic year PhD students and MS students who will transfer to PhD program

Fully-funded positions are available for PhD study in the fluid mechanics group of Professor Lian Shen in the Mechanical Engineering Department and the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. We conduct research in turbulence, boundary layers, water waves, multiphase flows, and fluid-structure interactions. The research is well-funded through a large number of projects from many funding agencies. The projects originate from a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and renewable energy. Examples of research subjects include turbulent boundary layer, heat and mass transfer, interfacial and multiphase flows, turbulent processes in atmosphere, oceans and lakes, pollutant transport at water surfaces such as oil spills and micro-plastics, wave breaking and the generation of sea spray droplets and aerosols, wind energy, and wave energy.

In our research, we aim to obtain a deep understanding of the fundamental dynamics of fluid flows to develop advanced modeling and prediction capabilities for them. While our main research tool is computational fluid dynamics (CFD), experience in CFD is not a prerequisite for new PhD students in our group. We offer systematic training in CFD for beginners through a series of step-by-step tutorials in the first year, and the new students will have close interactions with Prof. Shen and the postdocs and PhD students in the group. Note that attending the CFD tutorial does not necessarily mean that the student is committed to joining the group. The tutorial is meant to provide an opportunity for any interested students, regardless if their research field is computation or experiment, to gain knowledge about CFD. The tutorial starts in the week of September 14. It is in the form of a weekly lecture, which will be recorded to accommodate students with different schedules, and a weekly recitation/practice session through the interactions with the postdocs and students in Prof. Shen’s group.

Students interested in the research in Prof. Lian Shen’s group or participating in the CFD tutorial are encouraged to contact Prof. Shen by email.

For Prospective Students and Postdocs

Our group is very active in research. We perform studies in fluid mechanics in many projects sponsored by a number of funding agencies. We take new Ph.D. students and new postdocs every year.

Students interested in pursuing Ph.D. study under the supervision of Prof. Lian Shen are welcome to submit their applications to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Minnesota before the deadline of December 15th. Note that the application to our PhD program is very competitive; successful applicants are expected to have a very strong academic background (GPA and ranking in class are often used in the evaluation metrics), be highly motivated, and have strong interests in performing top-quality research and publishing in top-tier journals. Interested ones are welcome to contact Prof. Shen by email. Sending a copy of CV and transcript in the email will be helpful.

For Prospective Visiting Students and Visiting Scholars

We perform research on a wide range of topics. Our group has a large number of members, among whom the interactions have been very beneficial to the research. We will be happy to host visiting students and visiting scholars. Interested ones are welcome to contact Prof. Lian Shen by email.