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Production Parts Fabricated by Sheet Metal Contractor

Slides for November 1999 Lehman review

  1. Light Case Crimping Machine

Glue Machine Fiber Tensioning Jig

Proposed In-Manifold Fiber Tensioner for Gluing (.jpg)

Module Buckling Test

Buckling test geometry (unfinished)

Crimper parts

Crimper parts directory

Manifold Production Parts Fabricated by Fermilab, Lab 8

Injection Molded Light Injection Manifolds, Production Releases

Injection Molded Variable Width Seals, Production Releases

Production Parts Fabricated by Tufts Physics Department

April Production Parts Fabricated by UMN Physics Department

Argonne Laboratories Reference Files

Figures of 45 Deg vs. Perpendicular Cut Extrusions in a 45 Deg Manifold

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