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Literature Review Guidelines
M.S. and Ph.D. Thesis Guidelines

Current Graduate Students / Post-Docs

Sebastian Corby
Paul Cronk
Ryan Foss
Paul Hogan
Anirudh Reddy Ravula
Steven Thomalla
Shawn Wilhelm, Post Doc
Alexander Yudell

Past Graduate Students

Anthony Knutson - MS 2016 - Thesis: "Modeling and Experimental Validation of Disc and Reed Style Check Valves for Hydraulic Applications"
Hao Tian - PhD 2016 - Thesis: "Study of Active Valve Timing on Efficient Hydraulic Piston Motor Operation"
Shaun Koktavy - MS 2016 - Thesis: "Design of a High-Speed Crank-Slider Valve for use in Hydraulic Switch-Mode Systems with Experimental Validation in a Pressure Boost Converter Circuit"
Brandon Beckstrand - MS 2015 - Thesis: "Design and Validation of a Soft Switch for Virtually Variable Displacement Pump"
Shawn Wilhelm – PhD 2015 – Thesis: “Modeling, Analysis, and Experimental Investigation of a Variable Displacement Linkage Pump”
Kyle Strohmaier - MS 2014 - Thesis: "Modeling, Optimization, and Detailed Design of a Hydraulic Flywheel-Accumulator"
Dominic Triana - MS 2014
Thomas Sullivan - MS 2013 - Thesis: "Multi-Domain Multi-Objective Optimization of Mechanism: A General Method with Two Case Studies"
Jessy Cusack - MS 2013 - Thesis: "Design of a High Speed Clutch with Mechanical Pulse-Width Control"
Andrew Judge - PhD 2012 - Thesis: "Air Gap Elimination in Permanent Magnet Machines"
Richard Jorgenson - MS 2012
Lak Kin Wong - MS 2012 - Thesis: "Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Liquid Piston Gas Compression"
Brandon Bacon - MS 2011
Jennifer McInnis - MS 2011
Jeslin Wu - MS 2010
Prasanna Banwat - MS 2009
Greg Cole - MS 2009
Allan Katz - MS 2009 - Thesis: "Design of a High Speed Hydraulic On/Off Valve"