FJ60 - 350 Throttle Body Injected V8
By Jim Van de Ven

Last updated: 1/23/00
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I installed a 350 TBI out of a 93 Chevy van with a 4L60E automatic overdrive tranny, using the Advanced Adapters adapter to the stock Toyota split transfer-case.

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Overall, the conversion was not that difficult, just time consuming.   The most time consuming part was all of the little things such as radiator hoses, plumbing auto tranny cooler and engine oil cooler lines, installing gauges, hooking up the chevy to Toyota PS, wiring changes, exhaust installation, and numerous other little things.  The only piece that I have still not hooked up is the air conditioning.   I hope to have a mechanic friend help me with this in the near future as freon requires a license to purchase.

I am using the stock FJ60 radiator with a fan shroud and have had no problems with overheating.  I run a 210deg thermostat and the engine regularily runs 205-210, winter or summer.  Even when towing my FJ40 at 70 mph and 95 deg temps it stays at 210.  For a transmission oil and engine oil cooler I am using aftermarket transmission oil coolers.  My tranny typically runs at 175, but when towing in hot weather it will get up to 205.  Both the engine oil cooler and the transmission oil cooler are in front of the radiator and behind the air conditioning heat exchanger.

For wiring of the TBI system I bought a wiring harness from Howell.   This made it very easy as all connections were labeled and just needed to be plugged into the appropriate connections.  For exhaust I am using Sanderson "block hugger" headers and run into a single pipe on the drivers side, then a cat and a muffler.  After about a year I had burned a hole through both of the headers right in the center of where the four pipes flow into one.  I replaced both headers and am hoping that I just had a poor batch before.  So far, so good.

I have now had the V8 installed for about 20,000 miles.  Overall I have been very happy with the setup; I get good gas mileage (16-18mpg), have a nice amount of power for towing or climbing long hills, and now can cruise at interstate speeds at decent rpms with the overdrive.  The only major issue that I wish I had done differently was the transmission selection.  If I were to do it again, I would use the NV4500 manual transmission instead of the automatic.  This is just personal preference, but I do miss the control of a manual in the 60. 

This conversion is at the owners risk and I assume no part in any ill fate that might occur because of my directions. Use at your own risk.

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