How To Use the JVC VHS Video Tape Editing System

Getting Started

The JVC video editing system is located in Room 10 MechE, center section. For access, sign out a key from Menet, Room 155 MechE. The JVC system is excellent for snipping segments of video placed on various parts of an original tape and using them to c reate a new tape with just the content and order you want. The system is for cutting and splicing; it will not allow you to do dissolves, titling or other advanced video processing. Please read through all of the directions and the Notes section before st arting.

Startup procedure:

  1. Turn on both decks and both monitors.
  2. Put play tape in left deck (BR-S500U), record tape in right deck (BR-S800U).
  3. Use buttons on right side of Editing Control Unit (RM-G800U) to manipulate tapes:
    • PLAYER and RECORD buttons determine which deck is being controlled by the rest of the buttons.
    • STILL is tape pause.
    • Press SHIFT (on the far left) and STILL together to activate STOP.
    • Use the shuttle (outer ring of the dial) and jog (inner dial) for tape searching.

Preparing a Blank Tape

Brand new tapes must have control (CTL) signals recorded on the first 25 seconds. Here's how to do it.
  1. Put Player tape in STOP mode.
  2. Rewind Recorder tape to beginning.
  3. Push RECORD and PLAY together on Recorder tape.
  4. Record for 25 seconds then press STILL.
  5. Rewind Recorder tape.

Editing a Tape

  1. Press ASSEM (the orange button).
  2. Set the "edit-in" point on the player tape (that is, the place where recording is to begin):
    1. Select PLAYER.
    2. Using the shuttle and jog controls, locate the edit-in point.
    3. Put player tape in STILL mode.
    4. Press IN and ENTRY together.
  3. Set the "edit-out" point (where the edit segment ends):
    1. Locate the edit-out point on the Player tape using shuttle and jog.
    2. Put tape in STILL mode.
    3. Press OUT and ENTRY.
  4. Set the edit-in point on the recording tape, that is the point on the recording tape where you want the copied material to begin:
    1. Select RECORDER.
    2. L ocate the place on the recording tape where you want the segment to start. (NOTE: You must set the first edit-in point on the recording tape at least 6 seconds in from the beginning of the tape to allow for roll time.)
    3. Push IN and ENTRY
  5. (Optional) Confirm location of in and out edit points by pushing IN or OUT. Point data will appear on edit unit display for either Player or Recorder, whichever is selected. Pushing IN and OUT together will show the duration of the segment.
  6. (Optional) Preview your edit:
    1. Player and recorder in STILL mode.
    2. Press PREVIEW
    3. Watch your edit on the recording VCR monitor.
    4. To quit PREVIEW early, press ALL STOP.
    5. If edits are wrong, reset edit-in and/or edit-out points.
  7. Execute the edit:
    1. Put Player and Recorder in STILL mode.
    2. Press AUTO EDIT.
    3. To abort edit, press ALL STOP.
  8. (Optional) Review your edit:
    1. Press REVIEW.
  9. To record the next segment, go back to Step 2.


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