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  • 2015 (Chicago): Finished in round of 16 (Beat Team Meltzer 133-81 in the first round and Team Tokay 163-96 in the secound round, lost to team Tulin 107-130 in the third round). Team membre: Jing Liu (p), Poon Hua, Loo Choon Chou, Zhong Fu and Jie Li.
  • 2014 (Las Vegas): Finished in round of 16 (Beat Team Gromov 126-106 in the first round and Team Kasle 143-99 in the second round, lost to Team Monaco 77-103 in the third round). Team member: Jing Liu (p), Jiang Gu, Xiaodong Shi.              
  • 2013 (Atlanta): Finished in round of 32 (Beat the Mahaffey Team 145-122 in the first round, lost to Team Ekeblad in the second round). Team member: Erez Hendelman (p), Ovunc Yilmaz, Omar Ekinci
  • 2012 (Philadelphia): Finished in round of 64 (Lost to Team Nickell 68-185). Team member: Zhuo Wang (p), Stephen Drodge, Sean Gannon


  • 2015 (New Orleans): Finished in round of 64 (Lost to Team Diamond 92-155). Team member: Ai-Tai Lo (p), Josh Sher and Harry Tudor

  • 2013 (St. Louis): Finished in round of 64 (Lost to Team Diamond 165-267). Team member: Erli Zhou (p), Ovunc Yilmaz, Omar Ekinci, Jim Munday and William Hall

World Junior Teams Championship (Patino Cup)

  • 2012 (Taicang, China): Representing Team USA2. Finished in 13th place                                            

  • Team member (USA2): Zhuo Wang (p), Stephen Drodge, Sean Gannon, Erli Zhou, Lei Jin

ACBL Collegiate Championships (All representing Stanford University)

  • 2012 (Philadelphia): 2nd place. Teammates: Sam Lichtenstein (p), Pak-Hin Lee, Fernando Shao

  • 2011 (Toronto): 5th place. Teammates: Yiyang Zhao (p), Sam Lichtenstein, Connie Chao

  • 2010 (New Orleans): 4th place. Teammates: Miu Wong (p), Alex Lovejoy, C. J. Jamison

  • 2009 (Washington DC): 1st place. Teammates: Eric Mayefsky (p), Alex Lovejoy, Elena Grewal
        A New York Time report can be found here

Major Pair Games (Nationals)

  • Lebhar IMP Pairs (Reno, 2016): Ranked 20/330. Partner: Ovunc Yilmaz

  • Silodor Open Pairs (New Orleans, 2015): Ranked 44/338. Partner: Ai-Tai Lo

  • Nail Life Master Pairs (Providence, 2014): Ranked 21/290. Partner: Jing Liu

  • Life Mater Pairs (Las Vegas, 2014): Ranked 42/426. Partner: Jing Liu

  • Red Ribbon Pairs (Louisville, 2011): 24th place. Partner: Zhuo Wang

  • Red Ribbon Pairs (Reno, 2010): 36th place. Partner: Zhuo Wang

Major Team Events (Nationals)

  • Jacoby Swiss Team (New Orleans, 2015): Ranked 18th. Team member: Jing Liu (p), Yinghao Liu, Fang Liu, Junjie Hu and Yichao Chen


  • President of Tsinghua Bridge Club, 2004-2006

  • Financial officer of Stanford Bridge Club, 2010-2011